Bella: Marcus may be the hot unmarried father all women within our small-town wants

Okay, so he’s in fact my friend belief’s pops, but i have observed when the good looking pilot walks around together with shirt off. I’ve seen those six pack abs, and valued the chiseled pecs, not forgetting the muscled thighs and the … really, you can imagine the rest. But the reason why would Marcus want a curvy, sassy lady just like me? Marcus: envision my surprise as I come home late one night and listen to panting sounds coming from the invitees bedroom. My personal child’s closest friend is resting more than, but could it really become delicious Bella undertaking that? However really, and unexpectedly, i’ve a huge desire to participate. But Bella’s ripe and fruitful, and soon, we’re not just triggering fireworks … alternatively, I place my kid within her tummy, in addition to nice girl is going to be mine. Hey visitors – It is will December romance at the finest! This tale was a follow-up to My Stepmom’s date as well as the Baddest Bad kid, but don’t stress a€“ all my personal guides are standalones nor need to be review in any particular order. As ever, I focus on the hottest terrible males in addition to curviest, sauciest babes which get precisely what they want, wanted, and desire all things considered. Put-on your seat belt and relish the journey since there’s a large weight of VAPOR coming your way! You’ll love the storyline, I promise! Xoxo, Cassie

Artificial Daddy Becoming

I imagined it had been just once. We actually made use of phony brands. But I got expecting. Jolene: included in a challenge, I presumed a key personality and snuck into an elegant formal-dress ball within the title a€?Trixie Dickson.a€? Okay, it’s a dumb nickname however it worked because a handsome billionaire swept me off my personal base. We decided Cinderella in my ballgown, apart from this billionaire ended up being no prince. The alpha male took me every which way, very thoroughly until i possibly couldn’t breathe. Further, i acquired expecting that very nights. Now what manage i really do? Channing: Think about my personal shock when minimal skip Trixie Dickson (exactly who decides a reputation like that?) arises on my house a single day following basketball. The sweet lady is curvy, sassy and entirely simple with a mop at hand and her tresses hidden into a kerchief. But We have an agenda because Trixie Dickson isn’t only gonna be my personal housemaid … she is going to feel my personal little one’s mommy! Hey Readers a€“ Stop the presses because Jolene and Channing include setting the web pages ablaze with a dose of passionate temperature! Our very own sassy woman sneaks into a fancy golf ball like Cinderella, but alert: this might be no rigid, proper prince. Channing Saint was an alpha male who gets exactly what he wishes, in which he will not end until the curvy lady is hefty together with child. Read, relax, and savor! Might love the publication, we hope. Xoxo, Cassie

My personal Boyfriend s Brother

Libby: I am not a prude, however when we watched those photos of my personal sweetheart in black exudate carrying out that with an old prom king, I gone ballistic. I forwarded the snaps to any or all in the city, such as all our church pals. But Patrick are a devious one because he becomes use tossed in prison for cyberstalking! Exactly how is actually possible? But we’ll have the final laugh, only waiting and determine. Frisco: My personal little brother’s girl Libby has always been a sassy one. I have seen this lady curves sway from miles aside, although we have now never had an actual conversation. Nevertheless when Libby happens berserk with her hare-brained revenge pornography scheme, i am the only one who is able to prevent the lady. It might take an act of goodness as well as gale-force winds, nevertheless the curvy girl will not be mobile so fast once she’s heavier using my child. Hey subscribers a€“ wear their seatbelts for a follow-up on Sweetest Revenge. This time around we are reading about Dakota’s sassy companion Libby as she goes crazy in her own pursuit of happiness. The challenge? fulfillment will come in several tastes, and also the leader malewill hand they to the girl in such a way she never predicted. Pour yourself a glass of iced-tea and turn on the follower as you’re going to require it while reading this scorcher! No infidelity, no cliffhangers, and constantly an HEA for my audience. You are going to love the storyline, we hope! Xoxo, Cassie