Clark has mentioned that Lana’s nostrils wrinkled up when she gets major, which he mentions getting sensuous

Many years later on Lana is situated in Africa safeguarding neighborhood communities from African warlords, running as a vigilante known as “Angel from the Plateau”. There, she seems to lose this lady superhuman influence after an altercation with John Corben in which the guy absorbs the woman Kryptonite-infused nanites. Regardless, she keeps starting philanthropic work in Africa, and sporadically operates as a Watchtower community broker according to the signal label “Valkyrie”.

Physical Appearance

Lana is actually a lovely woman with dark tresses (that have red features during her older 12 months of high-school), hazel vision (the likes of which had been complimented on many occasions) and a slimmer frame. This woman is more or less 5’4″. During this lady college decades, Lana was known for being the prettiest girl; she happened to be chosen “most apt to be a cover girl” in her high-school yearbook.

Through the series, it had been recommended that she resembled the woman mother. It actually was after unveiled that she got of component French origin from the lady moms part.

In high-school, she typically wore apparel that has been youthful and colourful. As she joined her older season, this lady apparel much more smooth and stylish and is typically followed closely by jewellery. While she is working the Isis basis Lana started wear researching spectacles and dressed like a complicated businesswoman. An adult Lana continuing to gown way more gracefully and elegantly than in the past, while however putting on denim jeans and streamlined best sometimes. She after clipped their tresses, and additionally it grew call at curls. Her tresses additionally incorporated bangs, which were side-swept or lengthy sideways.

Whilst in Africa, Lana actually starts to outfit extremely just with long-sleeved blouses and trousers. She in addition wears longer scarves covering the majority of her face to cover this lady character while becoming a vigilante. The color of the lady apparel is mostly bluish and purple like Superman’s match.


The loss of this lady mothers whenever she was actually three was actually extremely influential in creating Lana’s individuality. Even though the woman aunt brought up and cared for this lady, Lana have felt like an abandoned orphan the girl expereince of living and idolizes the woman dead mothers. She often says that she seems separated and out of place and dreams about making Smallville permanently for something additional. Regardless of this, Lana produced a credibility for being a sweet woman aˆ“ nice, compassionate, including wanting to let people by volunteering at Smallville your retirement Center, and run the college blooddrive. She found herself without any family before she graduated from senior high school. Without a person to use but by herself, Lana can be rather driven to pursue the girl needs. She effectively maintained the Talon cafe as increased class student and resided alone during this lady elder season.

Lana was first characterized since gullible “girl next door” archetype, always requiring reality and therefore trusting whatever lies include advised to her, which includes place their and Clark’s partnership into dilemma over and over again.

Lana got self-defense classes, but seems to usually pick by herself in intimidating problems, the need to getting rescued. She once stated that she usually noticed she’d die youthful. Having been attacked several times by meteor freaks, she turned into important of metahumans and aliens: at the outset of their unique union, Lana and Lex increased close over their provided belief that people should be shielded from unsafe aliens and metahumans. Clark relatively picked up on Lana’s thoughts also it had been section of his reluctance to trust their along with his key: regardless of this, Clark is believing that they truly are supposed to be collectively. On top of that, it’s revealed in Phantom that the woman attitude for Clark exceed the lady anxiety about super-powered beings, together with she right away accepted the point that he had been really an alien and not a meteor freak as she herself (and Chloe before this lady) initially believed. Considering Lex’s inhumane treatment of superpowered beings in his stage 33.1 and task Ares experiments, Lana’s disdain for metahumans along with other superpowered beings has actually minimized dramatically and she developed the Isis base to give emotional support towards meteor-infected that assist them lead an ordinary lifetime.