Fair sufficient. Because as fun because the concept is, that concern has to be expected. We turned up as it turned out, I was a little too hot in all those clothes with him sniffling and me heaving because.

We’d had a wonderful time at the film, you don’t actually talk in a movie, therefore the next day’s activities would figure out the success or failure regarding the journey. Neither certainly one of us wished to get fully up for break fast, therefore we chosen doing meal at certainly one of D.C.’s restaurant’s that is legendary Ben’s Chili Bowl. Both of us had mentioned we had been into physical fitness and health, therefore we chose to walk to your restaurant, about a 22-minute trek…in just what turned into 30-degree climate. I happened to be dressed accordingly — thermal shirt, tights beneath the jeans, shoes, sweater, cap and gloves — but Josh didn’t get ready for the weather quite therefore considerably.

We turned up as it turned out, I was a little too hot in all those clothes with him sniffling and me heaving because. Ben’s ended up being bomb, and now we surely got to talk more about music, being carnivores that are fierce partying practices (health practitioners take action big) and everything we planned on doing for the remainder time. While the discussion went on, the two of us began stepping closer and nearer to the Friend Zone because he is much closer to “age ain’t nothin’ but a number” 29 as it turns out, I’m much closer to “settling in with a good book on the weekdays” 29 and.

Nevertheless, he had been cool and quite the looker, and so I figured there is no part of peacing down on him at this time.

Both of us desired to see some Smithsonian museums, but it started freaking snowing as we headed into an Uber. Look: We decided on Mexico. We reside in Houston. We don’t just like the cool and I kid you maybe not, the moment that is exact stepped outside, my head began harming, We began coughing, and my nose converted into a faucet. I did son’t desire to punk call at the midst of important hyperlink the day, and so I soldiered to the nationwide Museum of American History, where we needed to stand outside in the cold for a little before entering.

The museum ended up being super dope and i got eventually to be strange and share a number of random US history information that folks probably don’t normally care about. Josh acted interested to know the main points of how a took that is vietnamese the nail beauty beauty salon game following the war (it’s really a brilliant interesting tale), also to learn about my 23andme.com outcomes that connected us to my indigenous United states and Yakut history, thus I was all *heart eyes* once again for an instant or two.

Sadly, I happened to be needs to feel pretty crummy, and may inform I happened to be want to to go back into the hotel quickly. During the end of a few hours, I experienced never ever been happier to see our Uber pull up since the snowfall had gotten also more substantial and walking anywhere wasn’t also a choice.

After an instant day at CVS for many things cool and flu me exactly what every each kind of Mucinex did (ALL the big words) — we headed back to the hotel and I passed out cold, only to wake up groggy and weak a couple hours later for dinner around the corner from the hotel at Old Ebbit Grill, a cute little pub with some amazing dishes— it was pretty cool to see Josh turn on his doctor mode and tell. We split an oyster appetizer after which ordered our meals…and I became out of the blue too nauseous to consume.

Really, y’all. I happened to be the worst date ever. I wound up returning to the resort early and using most of the medicine i purchased early in the day while Josh went with a few close buddies he knew in your community.

The second early early morning had been super embarrassing, I was too nauseous to eat) and got ready to head to the airport as we met up for lunch at Wiseguy Pizza (more food. Obviously, Josh and I also weren’t making any type of love connection, but he had been a super cool physician guy who adored to celebration, and who recommended us to keep their quantity readily available in the event I made a decision to use any leisure medications and needed seriously to understand what i really could manage considering my medical background, or like, wished to do them with him if we visited their town.

Fortunately, there have been no sick emotions about wasted money, simply real sick feelings when I got on an airplane to go home to Houston, my chest tight with phlegm, perhaps not love and my mind burning with temperature in place of passion. Being a last verification of our missed connection, i acquired the swiftest text once I landed about maintaining Josh’s name anonymous. Nevertheless, the MissTravel thing had been enjoyable in my situation. Yes, it could have now been great to meet up with the next “someone special,” however the means it worked out had been pretty enjoyable also without that bit (aside from the sickness component).

My initial idea: “If you’re going to own a so-so date, may as well contain it on the highway, whilst having an adventure” definitely stands.