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CYLS 106: Love & CEOing – tips for Balancing Love and Entrepreneurship

Two CEO partners share the blueprint for balancing entrepreneurship, parenting, and growth that is personal. They share tips for finding a mate that is supportive the necessity of persistence.

About our Guest:

Episode Overview:

Kevin, Eric Fondren and Todd Wahnish form teams with regards to spouses Melissa Wahnish and Danielle Fondren to talk about love and exactly how their relationships are influenced by having business owners within the family members.

Insight using this episode:

Tips for work that is balancing parenting and residing your daily life:

Strategies for dating operator:

Quotes from the show:

“CE-Uh-Ohing” – Todd Wahnish Episode #106

“When the individual you’re with inspires you to definitely be your self, never to placed on, or be one thing you are not. Whenever you can solely be your self, then this is the individual for you.” -Danielle Fondren Episode #106

“This is one thing you may be grumpy on inside.” – Melissa Wahnish Episode #106

“You don’t have actually to constantly state everything. Often a feeling, an appearance, or a motion makes because much feeling as whatever else would. “-Eric Fondren Episode #106

“You need certainly to actually realize that the failure is not a failure of your self also it’s not failure within the other individual.“ Melissa Wahnish Episode #106

3 tips to make your life that is best:

  1. Communicate your requirements
  2. Don’t forget to find yourself in a relationship with a business owner
  3. Come together and stay a team