The Chateau Diaries and other chateau channels

He’s one of the most hopeless anybody I’ve seen for the yt. Desperate for fame, wanting to shine. It’s very pathetic observe men their many years seeking to so hard to get something he’s going to haven’t.

Very I have been binging which station (The latest Chateau Diaries) when you look at the pandemic and extremely preferred just how “magical” almost everything looked initially, however,. I don’t know, the more We see, the newest weirder a lot of the posts seems to myself. I can not assist however, be anything was “off” in some way, specifically lately together with them drawing-in more folks.

And because I can’t select one hearsay toward manager Stephanie otherwise someone else, I thought i’d start a thread here to find out if somebody understands far more or desires discuss it entire “chateau Do-it-yourself” trend happening now. Why are truth be told there too many Brits to shop for French chateaux in any event?! Looks thus random if you ask me!

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step one. She says she basically is actually super broke prior to this lady route took off, however, we constantly select the lady go deluxe metropolitan areas, this lady has an apartment within the London area (even when she advertised she offered it to use the money to find the brand new chateau whenever she was 29?!), their mothers appear to have come well-off (numerous homes worldwide), she possesses designer posts, an such like. etc.

dos. On that exact same notice: how come she mainly frequently apply “volunteers” and you may scarcely pays some one a proper salary? These individuals works its asses out of kasidie and she acquisitions creator cashmere crap and you can Dior gowns. I recently discover that exploitative.

step three. Anybody else view it strange one the lady ex-boyfriends keep hanging to this lady and you may purchased on chateau? I always ask yourself how the spouses/girlfriends of them boys be having to live-in the same chateau just like the old boyfriend?

cuatro. What’s the story with her “brother”? They have children but just “ily? How about his genuine parents? Tune in, none out-of my personal organization, it merely weirds me personally out how they gloss over his real household members – he could be perhaps not an enthusiastic orphan, after all.

6. I believe there is a compulsive you need away from folk on the brand new chateau to-be “positive” and give the lifestyle since this perfect fairy tale, however, certainly I can’t end up being the just one feeling some understated tension ranging from particular somebody, e.grams. Stephanie and her mommy? Stephanie often humor when the girl mom is virtually cruel to help you the woman also likes to inform you her within the a low-perfect ways, therefore merely looks uncomfortable.

Discover more on my personal attention, however, I’m simply probably find out if some body is even curious messaging regarding it, hahaha. I actually like many of those found toward station, but just end up being discover a great deal more to your story than what we come across. Perhaps I’m just pessimistic as the bang?

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Making this a video clip in one of your own volunteers on exactly how a regular big date performing at chateau ends up. Many individuals from the comments rightfully pointing out so it turns out an extremely difficult complete-day jobs. She has to pay this lady group, months. They plan, clean, carry heavier content all day and you will frequently barely score time from. It was plus through the a bad heat-wave that have temperatures heading doing 38 amounts celsius with no Air conditioning.

In addition to, curious how after We come that it thread she performed a good clips from the argument at chateau, just about echoing the things i had written here concerning the act of a great “fairy tale”. Hmmmmmmmmm.