The demographics of polyamory/monogamy from a population survey that is general

A survey of users of this website was conducted that asked about demographics and about polyamory/monogamy to fill this need. The definition from Wikipedia was provided for those not familiar with polyamory. 5043 reactions to the study had been recorded.

During the final end of they survey users had been asked if their reactions had been accurate and might be saved and utilized for research. This analysis just makes use of people who replied yes to the relevant concern and had been more than 13.

Prevalence of Polyamory

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Would you self-identify because “polyamorous”? No, and I also would not No, but I have before No, but we might prefer to Yes

The respondent was categorized as “Not polyamorous”, “Used to be polyamorous”, “Not polyamorous, but interested”, or “Polyamorous” from this question. The portions whom provided each reaction are broken travel lovers dating websites down in the pie-chart below.

The sheer number of people reporting polyamorous that is being significantly greater than anticipated. This really is most most most most likely explained by some bias within the test. The sample is topics whom simply just take online character tests, they tend to skew a little more young, liberal, atheist and non-heterosexual compared to basic populace.

Polyamory and sex

Participants were expected their sex aided by the options male, feminine along with other. Just users whom replied female or male are one of them analysis because of test size dilemmas.

Guys were very nearly doubly more likely to state they have been polyamorous or desire to be polyamorous.

Polyamory and age

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Participants had been expected to enter what their age is in years, this analysis centers around four age brackets where there have been sufficient participants to perform data.

There have been no actual trends that are significant polyamory by age, except that folks who stated they was once polyamorous but are perhaps maybe not more increases with age. Making feeling.

Polyamory and battle

Individuals had been expected to pick their battle from eight choices: Asian, Arab, Ebony, native Australian, Native United states, White (hispanic), White (non-hispanic), along with other. As a result of examples size dilemmas, only data for Asians, Blacks and Hispanic and whites that are non-Hispanic reported in this analysis.

There have been no actual trends that are major polyamory by competition.

Polyamory and intimate orientation

Individuals had been expected to pick their orientation that is sexual from choices: heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, asexual, or any other. As a result of test size dilemmas, data are just reported right right here for heterosexuals, bisexuals and homosexuals.

Bisexuals had been greatly predisposed become presently, or thinking about being, poly.

Religion and polyamory

Individuals were asked to choose their faith from nine alternatives: Atheist/Agnostic, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Shinto, Sikh, or any other. Just religions with at the least 100 topics come in the graph below.

Polyamory ended up being comparatively more widespread within the irreligious and Buddhist and reduced in the Abrahamic religions.

Best Online Dating Sites for Polyamory

Polyamory School

Being polyamorous and dating on the internet is often like attempting to consume soup with a fork.

And unfortunately, there choices that are aren’t many. As an example, did you realize that “The Match Group” owns OkCupid, Tinder, PlentyOfFish, and That’s right. Dozens of alternatives, but all owned by one business. Not surprising they all pretty much SUCK!

We shall never be reviewing Tinder, but may be looking after all the others of those to see which one is most readily useful.

As you gotta date someplace, right here’s a synopsis and position of popular internet dating sites and just how they rank in te se’s for polyamory and non-monogamy relationship.



Partner Li letter king: 9/10 — web web web Site permits connecting to at least one partner. While this does not look like many choices, it is a rather difficult choice to find on any web web site and permit at the least the verification of just one verified partner (which distinguishes cheaters from ethically non-monogamous individuals). It’s the only real major, conventional site that enables such a thing similar to this. The actual only real other internet internet sites which do this are popular, although not main-stream like (whom is just about the only 1 that does it appropriate).

Relationship Status: 9/10 — Site permits two “relationship types”, Monogamous and Non-Monogamous. Although this doesn’t appear to be many choices, it is an extremely difficult choice to find on any conventional web site. Once again, just truly does this right.


Intimate Orientation: 9/10 — web web web Site provides 12 orientations, and enables as much as 5 to be chosen during the time that is same. Will not enable self-identification. Just permits

Gender Identification: 9/10 — Site offers 22 sex identifications, and permits as much as 5 become chosen during the same time. Web web web Site will not enable self-identification. Web web web Site only enables “interest in” to be set to guys, Females, or every person, not totally all 22 sex identifications. Rather, site permits individual to choose to exhibit up in pursuit of guys or for ladies.

Personal statistics and Safety

STI reputation: 0/10 — web Site will not provide way to upload or look for good STI outcomes.

Identification Verification: 0/10 — No method provided to guarantee identification of the genuine individual.

Privacy: 9/10 — users might use their pseudonyms that can alter them as soon as every month. Paid users may browse in incognito mode. Chat’s could be obstructed and/or reported. Users can be concealed, obstructed, and/or reported.


Interface: 6/10 — web web Site is contemporary by extremely simplistic. The mobile software is almost identical. This is effective as being a mobile software, but makes the website look empty. web web web Site does enable you to talk totally free.

Compatibility guidelines: 8/10 — comes with an integrated and extensive survey system that allows for micro-details become included. Does not simply offer a general compatibility rating, but stops working specific areas of compatibility. Overall, the recommendation motor could be the primary means of finding users on this web site.

Re Re Re Search: 2/10 — trying to find typical subjects mentioned in pages can be done, although not very helpful. Pages might be bookmarked.