There’s absolutely no reason to possess commiting zina if u dnt have a 2nd spouse

i believe precisely what the maulana are indicating is the fact you’ll find lots of women who happen to be widowed along with demand for help and you may company and never necesarily the brand new intimate sort. but simply men to be truth be told there in the form of a partner inshaAllah.

their a shame that most the ladies talked out about they would ratehr its partner would going zina than just possess a great 2nd wife! it is possible to also douse him inside gasoline and you will toss your during the an enormous bonfire on your own!!

this new maulanas intention would be to do a global balance and you will tranquility amongst the neighborhood hence seems to be rife having zina centered on his sermon yet , it looks to-be analysis the females of the area and tend to be appearing weaknesses during the theior emaan which is only much more ammunition to have shaytaan!!

its not effortless seeing the one you love partner having another woman immediately after which have performed nikah it is it perhaps not better he do it the fresh halal means and becomes reward of Allah rather than just bed having an other woman and stay punished!!


This will be in love.. actually a non hitched people need to keep of zina but wen you is married, it should be simple for you. Once they want to wed some other partner including a widow or some thing, i believe a portion of the determination is not defense against zina but instead throughout the help and maintaining anybody in need of assistance?

Thats most awkward having ppl to come out and you may say it would like to husband so you’re able to comit zina rather than ic, its most incredible to come from 1 muslim females let-alone multiple..

We dont believe that is good regardless if to do that get married certainly one of moms and dads, and one out-of very own alternatives and sustain they magic. The problem is in the wonders. We dnt understand how it maintain so it without lying to their wives about their whereabouts? I dislike liars! So as that arrangment is very unsavory for me. If you’d like a few spouses atleast become men and you will acknowledge they so you’re able to both, and you can manage ne issues and you may any kind of u actually get of him or her and insha allah sooner can be reassure him or her and then make it ok. I will be sure it would be much worse into the kid whenever it learn just after decades one to the spouse is actually a great liar which have another partner he hasnt said. Without a doubt it would b worse in order to realize husband was an effective zaany and you will a great liar but if he only acknowledges in the event that the guy desires second girlfriend and you may can it publicly, then he might possibly be neither. In addition to when the he didnt create matrimony publicly upcoming in the event the 1 wife notices him for the almost every other or learns, she could possibly get in the beginning think he’s infact an excellent zaany and whom you’ll fault her 😐


I love to follow sunnahs and you may are enthusiastic inside, the best lady to reside was the new Parents Away from new Believers, performed they appose poligimy, did they question the fresh regulations off Allah??

I am not saying blind after all, I am claiming the choice is not mine making the my husbands, if you have married a beneficial pious kid just who offers you and your pupils then you definitely determine if the guy takes various other girlfriend otherwise step three, he’s going to are nevertheless brand new husband he or she is to you personally, sisters get most arrogent throughout the. no i would personally never ever allow it, who will be it to help you “allow” the rights supplied by ALLAH.