You can easily see why which book is created in order to the end-time church

People away from The united states and also the Uk Commonwealth happen to be when you look at the the brand new ethical and religious position of those from Israel and you may Judah on lifetime of Amos. Members of God’s church emerge from such as a scene. Exactly as Israel’s blessed position turned an effective curse, thus could it be towards Christian who at some point rejects his calling (Hebrews six:4).

“View, I am overloaded on your part, since an excellent cart that’s overwhelmed which is laden with sheaves. The quintessential daring males out-of you will will flee naked because go out,” says the lord. (Amos 2:13-16)

This new wording out-of verse thirteen brings one or two possibilities. The very first is you to definitely God, into the exasperation, won’t hold Their some body more, overall you are going to set out an encumbrance that is fat. The second options photos a greatly loaded cart which have a broken wheel one carves strong ruts about highway and you can puts its residents on ditches. The newest framework means the fresh new heavier load is the crushing weight regarding sins that delay Israel regarding existence towards “the fresh new straight and you may narrow” (Matthew eight:14).

Ergo flight should pass away from the swift, brand new strong should perhaps not bolster his stamina, neither should brand new great send himself; the guy will not stand which covers the brand new ribbon, the swift from feet will not submit themselves, nor should he who flights a horse submit themselves

Israel had attained the conclusion her best age of success once the time of Solomon. The country is actually steeped, effective and you can well-armed, proud inside her you’ll, efficiency, wisdom, money, strategic benefits and courage. Which you’ll stand up against Israel? But Goodness thunders the latest caution that every the country’s absolute performance (Amos 2:14), received event (verse 15) and you will a great qualities (verse sixteen) wouldn’t help the girl.

Men understand the stamina from a nation in its money, society, armaments, technical and you will education. However, where do Goodness browse? “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is actually a good reproach to the some one” (Proverbs ). The brand new Bible indicates that the reason for the rise and you will slide out of countries is actually ethical and you may spiritual. As the Amos suggests, zero country is also have confidence in their fuel, fuel and you may money to keep it regarding devastating effects of moral decay. Ethical, ethical and religious dilemmas cannot be fixed by the money, power off hands, “Star Conflicts” systems, public software, cleverness or humanitarian goodwill.

Because Israel got forfeited this lady blessed standing, Goodness promised so you’re able to wreck this lady as he lost the newest Amorites and you may this new Egyptians (Amos 2:9-10; 4:10, 12). The people regarding Israel choose to go up until now you to definitely God asked zero repentance from their website. Such Ecclesiastes step three, Amos reveals there can be a duration of options and you may a period of time whenever chance is gone. Obviously, Israel’s chance to repent got died out. It was too-late!

As he got fought the fights in their eyes in the past, today God carry out fight her or him. Almost any their courage otherwise assistance, nothing perform go in their prefer. The things which got formerly provided Israel electricity in the battle would getting turned into up against her or him.

So it next meaning appears to fit a knowledgeable, as he continues in order to predict Israel’s depletion

And that i provides a blade facing your that do the vengeance away from My personal covenant; while you are achieved with her inside your urban centers I can upload pestilence certainly one of you; while might be brought towards the hand of the challenger . . . . But also for its purpose I am able to remember the covenant of their ancestors, whom We presented of the residential property out of Egypt in the eyes of your nations, that we is its God: I am god. (Leviticus , 45)